A Japanese Billionaire Has 8 Moon Trip Spots If You Wanna Fuck Off As Far As Humanly Possible

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International travel might still be off the cards for now but a cashed-up Japanese fashion mogul wants to shout a few people a trip to the moon. Yeah you read that right – billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (a.k.a. MZ) has locked himself a spot SpaceX’s first civilian flight to the moon, and he wants to take some mates along for the ride.

The CEO of ZOZO – Japan’s largest online fashion shopping site – posted a call-out online for eight (8) lucky buggers to join him on the “dearMoon” trip to the big rock orbiting the Earth. All expenses paid, by the way. Can’t imagine you can return the favour with a free trip to Movie World or something, hey.

In a video with Elon Musk (because all billionaires must be in some weird club, right?) Maezawa said he’s looking for two things in his moon unit friends: pushing the envelope of “whatever activity you’re into” by going into space by “doing something that’s even better, even bigger” than on Earth, and people who are keen to support other crew members.

On the dearMoon website, you’re not asked for much with the pre-registration form – you just have to punch in your basic details and a photo, as well as specifying where you follow Maezawa on social media. From that info, you’ll get sent a ~crew candidate certificate~ and eventually be told more information about the selection process.

free moon trip space tourismSurprise, I am the new Daft Punk 2.0. [Image: dearMoon]

CBS News reports that pre-applications close on March 14, and the dearMoon team plans start screening potential candidates by March 21, with all the interviews and med checks will happen by May 2021.

Barely a day after posting up the truly insane classified, there have been over 100,000 applicants from all around the world, with people from India, Japan, the US, the UK, and France taking up the top five countries represented so far.

Australia isn’t even in the top 10 of moon trip entrants, so we all clearly need to up our fkn game here. Do you not have an insatiable need to find out whether the moon is actually made of a Wensleydale-type cheese like they did in Wallace and Gromit? Just me? Okay.

wallace gromit moon

After the last 12 months we’ve had here on Earth, getting right away from it – as far away as is humanly possible – sounds like a dream. Slingshot me to the moon, I beg of you.