A Futuristic, Floating ‘Arctic Bath’ Wellness Hotel Is Opening In Sweden

Sweden, beautiful Sweden.

So cold, so cool. So Sweden.

The Nordic country is set become even more deliciously Nordic with thanks to a floating wellness hotel that’s slated to open this year in Kiruna, northern Lapland.

The Arctic Bath Hotel is a health retreat that floats on the Lule River in summer, and sits suspended in ice in the winter.

The design of the place is decidedly scandi, with an all-white, criss-crossed log exterior – a nod to the country’s forestry industry.

Step inside, though, and the main focus is the arctic plunge pool. It’s right in the middle of the hotel’s central, open-air hub, and it’s heated to just 4 degrees celsius.

You can enjoy a spot of pampering in the spa treatment room, before sweating it out in one of the four saunas. Brave souls can cool off by taking a dip in the hotel’s freezing cold ‘outside bath’, before thawing out in a hot tub.

Once you’ve had your fix of R&R, you can retreat to one of the six floating hotel rooms.

Each bedroom features huge windows, so you can take in all the beauty of Aurora Borealis from your toasty bed. Watching the spectacle that is the Northern Lights sure beats Candy Crush.

“The circular shape of spa and Arctic Bath creates a protected environment sheltering guests and creating a haven to relax and soak up the local Arctic environment,” read a press release.

“This will be a one-of-a kind Arctic experience. Although all seven buildings will be securely anchored in place they are freely floating in water or frozen into ice.”

Best of all? The place is as eco-friendly as they come, meaning you can soak up all the natural beauty knowing your relaxation won’t cost the earth.