Easy Queensland Hikes To Do If You’re Only 20% Fit But Froth On Nature

Easy Queensland Hikes

The only way to really experience Australia is to bushwalk it, in my opinion as an avid hiker. The thing is, some of those hikes are bloody hard. So do you just have to miss out on the beauty of nature if for some reason you’re not up to it? Hello no. Just check out these more relaxed hikes around Queensland that’ll be fewer steps but just as much lovely scenery.

Noosa National Park

Everybody’s heard of Noosa for a reason. Take in that beaut coastline with a casual walk along a few different tracks. The 1km Palm Grove Walk into the dense rainforest is grade one, according to the park, meaning it’s even suitable for wheelchairs as long as they have assistance.

Alternatively, Noosa Hill Walk is a grade 3 track, so still suitable for most fitness levels, will take about one and a half hours and lead you to the crest of Noosa Hill.

Lamington National Park

While many waterfalls in Queensland can be seen in all their glory from lookouts, actually getting to them can sometimes be a little hard. But you, my well informed casual walker, will know to head along to Moran Falls in Lamington National Park. The whole walk is just over 6km and is a good one for beginners. You won’t be the only one vying for a shot a sunset.

Cardwell Forest Drive

It’s technically a drive BUT if you want to reach the truly lovely Cardwell Lookout with panoramic views of Cardwell and Hinchinbrook Island, or the somewhat famous bright blue waters of Cardwell Spa Pool, you’ll have to do SOME walking. Not a lot, but some.

Behana Gorge

Somewhere between easy and moderate, the 6km journey to Behana Gorge is not only the perfect hiking and swimming spot, but it’s also something of a local secret. So yep, that means you’re going to be dealing with fewer tourists and therefore more time to connect with nature. The walk does start out pretty easy, but it pumps up the incline before you reach the top. You have the swimming hole to cool off in once you get there, but the whole hike is lovely bushland if you need to turn back early.

Burleigh Heads National Park

There are a lot of tracks around Burleigh Heads National Park, but beginners will want to look out for the ones graded two and three. This won’t restrict your views at all though. The Oceanview walk skirts the coastline around the rocky headland. If you’d rather an inland view, check out the Rainforest circuit, but yeah it’ll get to the coast eventually. Go at the right time and you might even see Humpback whales fromTumgun lookout.

Springbrook National Park

Youll really want to follow the 4km track down to the base of Purling Brook Falls and then on to Warringa Pool. They’re both seriously pretty for starters, but they’re also perfect swimming holes so you can cool off between walking. If you have leftover energy you’ll love the beginner-level walk up to Twin Falls as well, because there’s no such thing as too many natural waterfalls.

Jumrum Creek Conservation Park


There are a few easy walks around Kurunda, but this one to Jumrum Creek is a nice easy one through the beautiful rainforest with very accessible boardwalks, It’s the perfect, 30-minute stroll into the famous rainforests of Queensland without having to worry about being able to make it back out.

Mount Hypipamee National Park


A long series of waterfalls along the top of the Barron River in Mount Hypipamee National Park makes a stroll along a well-formed, 10-minute trail from the carpark to a lookout well worth the trip. If you’re up for something a little rougher, continue along the trail as it descends into the rainforest to the river and just one of its waterfalls, known as Dinner Falls.