BIG YIKES: A Passenger Jet Just Crashed At Perth Airport After Brake Failure

A small passenger jet carrying 60 travellers crashed into a lighting structure at Perth Airport today.

The Cobham Aviation aircraft crashed while taxiing (so, it wasn’t flying) after it suffered a major brake failure at 2.20pm this afternoon.  According to their website, Cobham Aviation specialises in government, military and closed-charter commercial flights for mining workers

“Emergency services are on-site, however, there are no injuries to passengers or crew,” a spokesperson for Perth Airport said in a statement.

No other flights or services at Perth Airport were impacted by the crash, which is surprising considering how often flights get delayed for way less serious stuff. However, the Cobham terminal had to be evacuated as a safety precaution following the ordeal.

Passengers reported feeling a “massive jolt” as the aircraft collided with the structure, which is honestly my biggest fear of all time. I guess that’s why they tell you to keep your damn seatbelt on until the captain switches off the seatbelt sign.

[jwplayer a8E7C3lv]

All 60 passengers were evacuated but were told that they were strictly not allowed to take photos or videos of the ordeal.

Nobody was hurt, but this story is still terrifying enough to keep me the fuck away from the airport for a solid few months.