Just because we’re all stuck inside and definitely not going on any overseas (or even interstate) trips for the foreseeable future, definitely doesn’t mean that we can’t still explore the world around us. To help us keep connected, entertained, and educated by friendly strangers while we’re stuck at home, Airbnb has taken its experiences to the online world.

Yep, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make pasta from a sweet little Nonna in the Italian countryside, now you totally can.

Ah, the wonders of technology, both ruining our lives and making it strides better at the same time.

At the moment there are about 50-ish different experiences available to do online from the comfort of your home, but also letting you virtually step into a home on the other side of the world. They’re pretty bloody varied too; everything from Moroccan cooking classes, to learning how to do the flamenco in Spain, K-beauty tips from a TV host in South Korea, bounce and twerk classes in New Orleans, and a farm visit to meet all the animals in the US.

If you’re into doing a bit of exercise to work on your iso-rig, you can book in for a HIIT class with an Olympian, or go for a cycle with British triathlete gold medalist, Alistair Brownlee. Not sure how well I’d keep up with those, but I’d give it a red-hot go.

And yes, you can do a sleepy meditation with some sheep in the UK countryside.

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In March, Airbnb Experiences hosts all over the world had to stop doing what they love—sharing their interests and passions with others. Over the past few weeks, they’ve offered ideas for how to continue hosting even while we’re apart. They’ve adapted recipes based on what’s in their pantries, turned living rooms into yoga studios, and choreographed dances for families at home. Today we’re excited to announce that Airbnb Experiences are now online. You can take a flamenco class with Lidón in Madrid, participate in a tarot card reading with Mak in Austin, or visit a colony of penguins in Cape Town—all from home. True to Airbnb Experiences in real life, Online Experiences are hosted by remarkable people and set in small groups. Alongside making a new dish, maybe you’ll make a new friend, too. Thank you to our incredible hosts around the world. We’ll see you online soon —> link in bio.

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Probably a bit better than having another night of drinking wine with your mates on House Party (though that’s always a good time), these little online experiences from Airbnb will get you talking to new people (!!!) and also helping people across the world get a little bit of income during a time where so many people are suddenly without work.

The classes and sessions are not too wildly pricy, either. There’s a Swedish baking class that’ll set you back $15 for an hour and a half, or join in on a concert in Iceland for $17, or go backstage with a magician for $34. Literally what else do you have to do this weekend?

Check out all the experiences over on the Airbnb website, and keep an eye on it because there will be more things to do around the world as the weeks, and the isolation, rolls on.

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