6 Simple Things To Do If You’re Flat Broke But Wanna Piss Off Overseas

Ok so you’re getting super FOMO from all ya mates who are both on a Euro sojourn, and are much better with money than you are. The problem is, you’re still shit broke since that last big thing you did/tattoo you got/ridiculous splurge you treated yourself with.

So how the hell are ya gunna find yourself at Oktoberfest if you’ve got piss-all dosh? Well mates, don’t stress cos we’ve got some super nifty, mega-thrifty ways to get around so you don’t wind up coming home with some hefty credit card debt or your parents reminding you every couple of weeks that you owe ’em a few schmeckles.


If you’ve not dipped your toe in the world of paying for stuff after you’ve gotten it, then I recommend trying it out.

Student Flights have started a Book Now Pay Later deal where you can pay for your entire trip when you’re more financially stable, with no interest on payments. You’ve just gotta book something over $999 (not hard, really) and make payments in the months leading up to the big trip – or live out that spontaneous streak in yourself and pay it back when you come home. Get amongst that over HERE.



Travelling is all about experiencing new things, and making friends is absolutely a part of that. The best thing about having more people in your life when travelling is that you’re able to split bills, and go in on other stuff together. Hell, if you look spritely enough, you and another baby-faced mate could probably pass for a couple of uni students and cop that sweet, sweet concession rate.


This one is pretty bloody self-explanatory, really. Get in on those free samples, my good dudes. Our PEDESTRIAN Jobs editor Elise has admitted that she once survived through two whole days in San Francisco by “trying out” free bread and oil samples from a local olive oil store (read: scoffed as much as she damn could.)


Now I’m not suggesting you do literally everything yourself because duh, this is a holiday. You gotta relax!

HOWEVER, a cheap way to have a max relax on the cheap is to hit up a fresh market, grab some treats, grab a blanket or towel, a couple of cheap-as-chips tinnies and have a picnic in a park, on the beach, wherever you can. Peoplewatching and dogspotting are God damn sports, and this cheap cheat is like the Olympics.



On the note of concessions, bloody keep an eye out for them. Lots of places here and abroad give students a discounted rate for a bunch of stuff, so make use of that crippling HECS debt and save some euros on the museum you’re tryna get into.

An even better option? Do your research and find everything that you can do for absolutely nothin’ in your destination. Everywhere outside of Australia is absolutely drenched in history, and soaking all that in is 100% free – a lot of the time.

There’s also a bunch of hostels and places that do good meals for a donation, so if you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel, then you know you can always pop back to your hostel and have a hearty meal for minimal dosh.


Now obviously this is only applicable to certain things – please for the love of Christ don’t reuse anything that is specifically single-use, ya grot. But absolutely reuse things like water bottles (bonus points if you actually bring your trusty reusable one).

It’s an obvious hack but it means you’re not buying multiple bottles of water on all your adventures (unless you’re somewhere where drinking the tap water is risky), and you’re helping out the environment by reducing the amount of plastic you’re putting back into the world. Captain Planet would be proud.


There ya go, I mean there’s legit so many other things you can do to make sure you don’t get stuck in the middle of Stockholm with moths in your pockets, but this is a good starting place.

Garn, get outta here.