6 Off-Tilt Parties To Hit Up In Europe When Yr Done With All The Tourist Spots

One of the best things about going on a holiday is being able to party without any next-day responsibilities (unless you’re on a 4am flight, in that case…why did you book that?)

Europe is renowned for putting on some pretty bloody ‘yuge boogie nights – and days – in halls, meadows, clubs, and entire islands.

But sometimes you don’t wanna go to the exact same party as everyone else, right? Sometimes there’s a mighty need to go off the beaten path, and find yourself dancing at the eleventh hour in a skate park in Kiev. We understand.

So we’ve compiled a bit of a list of really fuckin’ weird and wild places to shake ya pants in across Europe. Because nobody parties like the Europeans do.

Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

Over the summer, the iconic thermal baths in Budapest transform into a wet hot pool party every weekend.

During the day, these baths are a surefire spot to rest your hard-working, well-travelled legs, and probably spot some old dude’s undercarriage if you’re particularly lucky. But at night in the warmer months the lasers are chucked on, music blasted, and the water turns to wine.

Oh and if you’re really keen to have a dip in the winter months, there’s the Magic Bath Parties at the Lukacs Baths.


Cxema, Kiev

Probably the biggest party that’s happening in Ukraine at the moment, Cxema are a team of serious party people that put on events in the most unlikely of places – abandoned warehouses, film lots, empty skateparks, you name it.

Apparently the folk of Kiev are super into 90s aesthetic at the moment, so chuck on your best Adidas slides/matching tracksuit, five rolls of film, and go dance in a car park to some deep techno.

Goa Club, Rome

Like something out of a David Lynch fever dream, Goa is dark, mysterious, and full of weird stuff. If you’re there on the right night, you’ll probably be able to boogie under a bunch of glitter cannons going off, or just take a shitload of selfies with the rich red lighting going on.

Let’s rock.

Morning Gloryville, London

If you’re more inclined to see the first light of day from the other side of things, then you can start your day with a nice, healthy rave at Morning Gloryville at Ministry Of Sound.

More like the raves your mama would be wanting you to go to, this one is packed full of yum breakfast snacks, free massages, eco-friendly glitter, and more spritely early birds than you can shake your fist at.

Luzztro, Warsaw

In the heart of what was once a very bleak and cold city lies the Club Luzztro, probably Warsaw‘s greatest nightclub.

Reviews call it an “unlisted, underground” nightclub, which is what we’re all ultimately searching for. The dance floor is heaving right up until the last moment, which is 10am, and midday on the weekends. MIDDAY.

Split into the Red room and Black room, the halls feature different styles of house and techno, with Red being more upbeat and fast-paced, and Black being more ambient and brooding.


Sink The Pink, London

A space that is inclusive and safe first and foremost, Sink The Pink in London is a huge LGBTQI+ party full of incredible costumes, glitter, wild makeup, minimal clothing, and glitter.

They recently put on a belter of a pool party for London Pride, so you know you’re set for a good time at literally every event they do.

Now you’ve got a few spots off the beaten path to scope out while you’re abroad, I give you permission to take your mates and brag about how you’re “in the know” with the local party scene.