5 Reasons To Head Next Door For Winter In New Zealand If You’re Keen For An Excuse To Go


Kia ora, friends! We’re officially at the end of the summer season, and for some of us, that may feel like it’s time to shut in for the next six months and hibernate like a bear until it’s over.

But what if I told you that travelling during the colder seasons is what they call in the industry, “a pro gamer move”?

New Zealand is an excellent trip during winter, as the country is not as crowded as it would be during the summer and it offers more privacy if you’re looking for a meditative trip to ponder existence.

For the next 48 hours, Air New Zealand is running a sale on flights to New Zealand. If you’re an aspiring skier or a dedicated one that’s been looking for new slopes to traverse, this one may be for you.

There are so many great winter-themed activities to try out in New Zealand that’ll turn the most die-hard summer fans into winter-appreciators in no time.

Kayaking By The Bay

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Nothing screams “epic” quite like paddling a boat in the stunning Bay of Islands. An Island paradise renowned for jaw-dropping views, whether you explore it by kayak, boat or plane.

These locations aren’t just great for kayaking however, places like Waiheke Island also make for great hubs for foodies as well, with plenty of great wine tours if you’re a passionate charcuterie board enjoyer.

Glacier Trekking

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Explore your Nordic dreams by taking a guided glacier trekking tour across the Franz Josef or Fox Glacier.

These are the most accessible glaciers to visit in the entire world, due to the climate and convenience of getting to them.

Adventure Sports Galore

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Okay slope-hitters, this one’s for you.

New Zealand has an amazing culture for adventure sports, and skiing is one of its greatest charms.

One of the best places to go skiing is Mount Ruapehu. With two large-scale skiing areas, you’ll find this location to be excellent for beginners or veterans of the sport.

The mountain is gifted with long, gentle slopes, and excellent beginner facilities to help out first-timers get the hang of turning and stopping at their own pace.

If you’re a more advanced skier, there are also free-ride terrains available, with natural bowls, and wind lips, with a vast number of cliffs and shoots.

See The Wildlife Up Close

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New Zealand is all about meditative and beautiful experiences, and whale watching in Kaikoura is the peak of zen.

The country is known for its unique wildlife and has endless tours and cruises in Akaroa or Northland, offering you up close opportunities to learn more about their habitat.

Live out your Moby Dick fantasies by looking out at that white whale. I never read the book, but I heard it’s quite an enjoyable venture.

It’s The Place To Be To Relax

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The most important thing about vacations is it’s a time to relax. Whether that’s getting a massage at the Geothermal Reserve and Mud Spa in Tikitere Rotorua or or taking a relaxing dip in the Hanmer Springs Spa, Hurunui. Thankfully with winter travel, it’s less busy and vacationing is easier on your wallet.

New Zealand is incredibly peaceful and offers some of the best sights to see in the world. Whether you’re looking for a long drive, stargazing or plenty of national parks to hike across, New Zealand has got you covered.

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