7 Beaut Places In Queensland You Can Only Access With A 4-Wheeler

The 8 Best Places To Go 4-Wheel Driving Around Queensland

Hello, you adventurous people you! If you’ve ever felt the urge to pack up a 4WD and head off where actual roads can’t take you, then obviously you’ve thought of going to Queensland. Some of the best scenery comes to those who really work for it, and these seven places you can only reach in a four wheeler really prove the point.

1. Cape York Peninsular

This is the furthest north you can possibly go on this continent of ours, and you can only make it there with a 4WD and a little off-road expertise. If you’re not sure how to drive yourself you can hook up with tours and guides. However you get there, the largest unspoiled wilderness in northern Australia is well worth it.

2. Landcruiser Mountain Park

I mean, the name just really gives the game away here. Just look at that ‘road’. That is literally a bunch of boulders. No wonder it gets all the 4WD enthusiasts frothing. About a two hour drive from Brisbane, there are no built roads in or out of the park. But there is camping and nature at its finest.

3. Cape Palmerston National Park


The Mackay region of Queensland is pretty underrated, especially once you go off-track to this National Park full of rocky headlands, quiet beaches and sandy dunes. There’s nothing quite like camping right by the ocean in unspoilt nature, especially when you catch a sea eagle soaring overhead.

4. Kalpowar State Forest


For a different landscape again, Kalpowar State Forest is nestled at the bottom of the Burnett Range not far from Bundaburg. Here you’ve got burnt orange rock faces, patches of dense rainforest, eucalyptus forests and hoop pine plantations. Not to mention plenty of natural swimming holes and rivers for your morning bath.

5. Cordalba State Forest

Here’s another 4WD heaven not far from Bundaberg. Rugged hills and open eucalyptus woodland make it a dream for adventurers by car, foot or mountain bike. It’s also a really great spot for bird-watching, even if you’re an amateur. Spotting yellow-tufted honeyeaters or barking owls is considered especially exciting.

6. Byfield National Park

It’ll take a bit of expertise to navigate, but there’s a good reason 4-wheel drivers have Byfield National Park on their bucket list. A trip through the park to the pristine Five Rocks, also known as Three Rivers Beach, is particularly coveted. However be smart and obey the signs when you’re there: heavy fines await for people driving on pedestrian only beaches.

 7. Sundown National Park


Can we just take a moment to admire that sunset? I don’t know about you, but I love me some dramatic cliffs and gorges, just makes the whole thing feel more rugged, you know? 4WD your way up in Sundown National Park camping and fishing, but also amazing hikes and killer views.