PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with amaysim to give you some big bloody data plans.

Do you find yourself burning through an insane amount of mobile data every month? Is your standard phone plan simply not cutting it when it comes to your ferocious ability to binge Netflix? Tell us all about it and we might just give you a prize.

Thanks to amaysim, we have $3,000 worth of 30GB phone plans to dish out to you data fiends out there. All you have to do to enter is tell us in 25 words or fewer the wildest, dumbest, or the most entertaining way you’ve flown over your mobile data cap. The best entries win, so give us your A-grade material, folks.

You can enter the comp below.

Tell Us The Dumbest Way You’ve Maxed Yr Phone Data & We Might Give You A 30GB Plan

Let me tell you mates, 30GB of data is a lot for a smartphone. In fact, it would allow you to watch 120 hours of Netflix, stream music almost constantly, or make scrolling through Instagram a full-time job each and every month. What I’m getting at here is, you’ll have a hard time getting through all that data. Or maybe not, I dunno. Impress me.

If anything, having 30GB to play with every month is some great peace of mind that you won’t rack up hundreds in extra data charges. A fear I’m sure we all hold to some degree.

Good luck, mates!

Image: Twitter / @muumi5x15