A US TV Chopper Busted Someone Playing ‘Mario Kart’ On A Stadium Big Screen

If you had access to a very large screen and a Nintendo Switch with a copy of Mario Kart loaded in and ready to go, you’d marry the two together as soon as humanly possible. That’s exactly what a very crafty unknown person did in Missouri this week, only instead of a projector in the loungeroom (very big game), it was splashed up on the fuck-off huge screen at a baseball stadium in Kansas City (absurdly enormous game.)

[jwplayer sKZZk6x3]

It’s assumed that workers at the field were responsible for the off-season big-ass game, and it wasn’t until a local newsroom went to capture footage of the NFL stadium next door was the game even noticeable from outside Kauffman Stadium.

The Crown Vision board that sits facing the baseball diamond is a massive 25m wide and 32m tall and frankly, it’s impressive that the game isn’t pixelated out the wazoo on a screen that size.

In the video, it’s looking like currently stuck on either the home screen or the end-of-race screen, where it looks like whoever picked Mario won the race – for once it wasn’t Peach, who always seems to zip through and win at the last second.

And if it’s on the home screen there, well clearly whoever went to all the trouble of hooking up an absolute monster game of Mario Kart is going to go ahead and rip through a couple of rounds. I like to imagine that whoever did this is sitting on a couple of camp chairs on the diamond, knocking back tinnies and swearing at everyone for hitting them with red shells constantly.

Fuck-off giant Mario Kart is the news we need in 2019, and I hope whoever did this absolutely doesn’t get fired or anything. In fact, they deserve a raise for their sheer ingenuity. Make this the next sport – finding a way into big-stage stadiums and playing ridiculous games on the big screens.

Completely unrelated, but can anyone get me into the MCG?

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