Xbox One Is Copping Remastered Versions Of ‘Turok’ & ‘Turok 2’ This Week

Remember the Turok games? Originally released on the greatest console of all time – the Nintendo 64 – and also on PC, Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil were largely based around the same concept: shooting the fuck out of dinosaurs and other beasties.

If you’re feeling some strong nostalgia and own an Xbox One, you’re in luck. Remastered versions of both games are heading to the console on March 2. Both have been remastered by Nightdive Studios, who were also working on the System Shock remaster before it was put on hiatus.

Of course, Nightdive remastered both titles for PC back in 2015, which featured enhanced graphics, but maintained the feel of the originals. Whether there’s any difference between these and the Xbox remasters is yet to be seen, but judging from the trailer, they look very similar. Check it out below.

First released in 1997, Turok hit the N64 and Windows as an adaptation of the Acclaim Comics book series of the same name. In terms of story, you play as the travelling warrior, Turok, as he searches for pieces of the Chronoscepter.

Seeds of Evil – released in 1998 – was also primarily an N64 title, but later had a Windows and Game Boy Colour port. While it was all pretty similar to the first title, the sequel also featured multiplayer.

If you’re struggling to see any difference between the remaster and your fleeting childhood memories of the game, the video below should help you clear that up for you.


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