Turn Your Bad Face Drawings Into Nightmares With This Insanely Weird Site

Remember that gnarly site that translates your shitty cat drawings into nightmarish images we mentioned a little while ago? Well now it’s doing human faces and the results are fucking horrific. 

Cats were just the first iteration of pix2pix, an application that uses machine learning to create an image from a basic input. It does this with a technique called generative adversarial networks, or GANs.
Essentially, when an algorithm is taught to recognise something, it can be reversed in order to create that object, albeit, extremely badly.
With a huge amount of data to draw from, you can get GANs to draw terrifying images from scratch. Pix2pix, however, works from a smaller data set to map a collection of horrors to your shitty doodle. 
In other words, it’s able to recognise the nose you drew and matches it to one floating around in its database. 
As you’d expect, the internet is having a fantastic time with this little tool.

You can make your own monster right here. Enjoy.
Source: Motherboard
Photo: pix2pix.

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