Time To Throw Your Phone Into The Sea, The iPhone 7 Release Date Has Leaked

Good news everyone, it’s almost that special time of year again: time to replace your perfectly good phone with a newer, more expensive one because the camera has marginally more megapixels and it has built in smell-o-vision (note: smell-o-vision not confirmed at this stage).
Mobile reporter Evan Blass used a combination of some insider knowledge and some extrapolation of Apple‘s past tendencies to put the retail release date of the iPhone 7 at Friday September 16, which apparently puts the device’s official announcement at September 12, the Monday of that week.

Apple haven’t confirmed any of the phone’s features yet but leaks are telling us that they are controversially ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of having headphones connect via the Lightning slot, usually used for charging and data transfer.
Supposedly the iPhone 7 will also be ditching the 16GB model from their line, so no more filling your phone up after only like a week of taking selfies and making slo-mo videos of dogs shaking themselves dry.
You’ve got 6 more weeks to enjoy having the best phone currently on the market, treasure them.

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