‘The Sims’ Is Going Mobile Again & This Time You Can Smewch Yr Mates

The Sims has come a long since its first release in February, 2000. Whilst the game has bounded across platforms fairly easily, its mobile iterations have been… Well, they’ve been pretty shit. 

But that could be about to change, with EA and Maxis revealing a launch trailer for their latest mobile game, The Sims Mobile
Incredibly lazy title, yes, but this entry to the series – at least from the trailer – looks truer to a classic Sims experience. 
Like The Sims 4, the goal here is to establish a family and support them through a number of generations. Doing this will earn you trophies which will help your Sims achieve their life goals. 
There’s a nifty little multiplayer component, too. Chuck a mad party and invite your mate’s Sims around to hang out. Hopefully you can make them become best friends or even get them to smewch. Beats taking the ladder out of a pool to murder your them, I guess.
There’s no date for release yet, only “soon”, but given it’s already in soft launch in Brazil for Android, you probably won’t have to wait too long. Expect an iOS release also. 
Suss out the trailer below. 
Source & Photo: YouTube / GameTrailers

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