Fuck This Robot That Can Do Backflips, Banish It To Hades

You could say the current state of robotics is equal parts amazing achievement and terrifying possibilities. What engineering and technology has been able to do is nothing short of incredible, but thinking about the applications of these feats can be a mentally taxing exercise.

Take, for example, Boston Dynamic‘s latest video, which shows their Atlas robot jumping around like it’s no big deal, doing spins and shit. Not only that, the motherfucker pulls off a perfect backflip. Check out the video below.

Great, that’s just what we need, backflipping killer robots. The last thing you’ll see before you die is some mechanical bastard’s immaculate, olympic-grade backflip. Cheers for that.

Because we all love watching robots fall over, if you watch until the end of the video, you’ll catch a shaky Atlas absolutely fall flat on its stupid face. Look at it go, he’s like a salmon. Haha, what an idiot.

I shouldn’t slander the robots, they have a very long memory. When they rise, their vengeance will be swift. But until then, we can all laugh at their misfortunes.

Boston Dynamic’s parent company, Alphabet, sold the robotic engineering firm to multinational telecommunications and internet corporation, SoftBank, back in June. The recently revealed a teaser for their new robot, SpotMini, who looks like a weird yellow dog. Suss it below.

Elon Musk is right, guys, AI is a huge threat to humanity if we’re not careful about it. Teaching them gymnastics is just one more step towards our own demise. It was nice knowing you.

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