Visible Genitalia Has Been Removed From PUBG & Gaming Edgelords Are Upset

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games of the year, and now that it’s on the verge of a full release – including a brand new map – it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Because the game’s still in early access via Steam, everyone who owns it can play on the test server, which runs the latest versions of the game before they’re rolled out to the main servers. The latest test version shows a change to female character models: extremely pronounced genitalia. Specifically, an extremely pronounced labia. This detail was not visible previously.

Once people started noticing, the game’s creator, Brendan Greene, made a statement via Twitter advising players that the model would be changed.

“After looking into this, it appears it came as part of the character model we received from an outsourcer when we first started the project,” he wrote. “The file itself has not been changed in two years. It will be updated shortly with changes! Sorry for any offense caused!”

People felt weird about it (especially when compared to the male models which don’t show the same level of detail), Greene listened and implemented changes based on the community feedback. Given the game is still in early access, it’s normal for this kind of feedback to be implemented by the developers, regardless of whether it’s related to gameplay or otherwise.

Why this detail wasn’t apparent in previous versions of the game is unclear, particularly if the model hadn’t been amended in two years, but a comparison done on Reddit (shown in the tweet above) shows a pretty clear distinction between the test and live servers.

The change – whilst most agree is completely reasonable – has unfortunately exposed the ugly side of the gaming community (again). And let me tell you, these dudes are 100% back on their bullshit.

Wow, ok. So it’s not important to you, but you’ll boycott the game because it’s changed? Just a reminder, this detail was not visible in the game previously and was likely never intended to be moving forward. It has absolutely zero bearing on the gameplay, yet changing it back to the way it always fucking was is “giving in”? What the fuck, dude?

Liz Edwards, who made the tweet pointing out the female models, has even received death threats for doing so. What the fuck? 

If seeing the outline of a vagina through digital underpants is that important to you, please assess your values and try again. If your opinion remains unchanged, there’s plenty of perverted games getting around on Steam that you could play instead.

When the only argument you can pull out of your shitty hat is ‘it doesn’t even matter’, clearly you’re clutching at straws. It does matter, and the fact Greene listened to the community and decided to implement their feedback is what any good developer should be doing, particularly during an early access period.

The official full release of PUBG is out on December 20 for PC and Xbox One.

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