There’s Video Footage Of PS5 Hardware In Action & It’s Blisteringly Fast

playstation 5 release date

Last month, Sony revealed some details about its upcoming PS5 console (assuming that’s even what it’ll be called) to Wired, and perhaps most impressively, its insanely fast loading times. Now an actual video demonstration of this very thing has emerged.

[jwplayer Y8pzlLKg]

Posted to Twitter by the Wall Street Journal‘s, Takashi Mochizuki, the video compares the loading times of the PS4 Pro with Sony’s next-gen hardware using the latest Spider-Man game.

You can see it for yourself below.

Impressive, no? More than eight seconds worth of loading will soon take less than one second, which is what Wired’s interview with PlayStation‘s lead architect, Mark Cerny, pointed out in April.

Mochizuki went on to translate what was being said in Japanese in a series of Tweets in the same thread.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Sony’s next-gen hardware, including its confirmed name, but it’s cool to see details starting to emerge. In the leadup to E3, where Microsoft is expected to reveal details about its own next-gen console, this could be Sony’s way of letting us know it’s still chipping away as well, given it won’t have a presence at the conference this year.

It’s also worth noting that this is essentially the equivalent of running a PS3 game on a PS4. It’s impressive, sure, but we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves until we start seeing some actual next-gen games.