Sony released a new firmware update for the PlayStation 4 today, and its coolest feature is definitely the ability to play the console remotely on iOS devices.

It works via a new app available now on the App Store which will connect the two devices over your home’s WiFi network. It’ll allow you to join voice chats, control your PS4, enter text via your device’s keyboard, and more.

Don’t get too excited about playing your PS4 on the go, though, you won’t be able to use it over a mobile network, nor will you be able to use it on a network that your PS4 isn’t on. In other words, this is good for letting someone else use the TV while you play in another room on your phone or iPad or whatever.

According to the app’s description, it’s not compatible with the DualShock controller, so you’ll have to use the on-screen controls, which is still pretty impressive. Not all games will be compatible, but I’d wager a decent library of them is good to go.

Sony recommends that you use no less than an iPhone 7, sixth generation iPad, or second generation iPad Pro for remote play. If you have an Android device, well, you already have access to remote play, as to Mac and PC users.

All eyes are now on Microsoft and the anticipated unveiling of its own streaming service, Project xCloud.

Image: Sony