It looks like it’s probably been the best week of Pewdiepie‘s life, as the popular YouTuber became the first singular channel to hit 100 million subscribers. So what the hell did you do this week?

Pewdiepie, who’s real name is Felix kicked off the week by marrying his long-term partner Marzia Bisognin, and is ending it by making YouTube history.

The YouTuber, who has been the subject of endless controversy in his nearly 10 years on the platform, officially became the first account to surpass 100 million subscribers that is held by a singular person. He narrowly missed out on being the first channel to hit 100 mil earlier this year.

Indian record label T-Series is the only other account to hit 100 million, currently holding the top spot with 109 million subscribers.

It’s crazy to think that 100 million people even use YouTube, let alone subscribe to one singular channel. The internet is a crazy place.

In nearly a decade on the platform, the popular YouTuber has posted over 3,900 videos.

Despite the platform’s somewhat rocky relationship with one of their biggest creators, YouTube took to Twitter to congratulate him.

He hasn’t publicly spoken since he broke the record, but has retweeted a few congratulatory messages. Chances are, he’s probably enjoying time with his new wife, or freaking out over the fact that Tommy Wiseau tweeted him (that’s what I’d be doing).

Whether you’re a Pewdiepie fan or not, it’s pretty damn cool to see one individual person grow a following that’s more than four times the population of Australia. Absolute insanity. I’m not sure whether to be impressed or terrified because he has more followers than the population of most countries.

He also probably makes more money in the time it took me to write this article than I’ll make in my lifetime, but what do you mean? I’m not bitter.

If you need me I’ll be sitting at my desk trying to comprehend just how many people that is.