Get excited because the price of the iPhone XS has plummeted with all major telcos.

For as little as $28 a month plus plan costs, you can get the iPhone XS on the larger-than-life Telstra network. Add on $60 per month for a whopping 60GB along with unlimited talk and text.

Or you could slide into Optus’ DMs and grab the same phone and plan inclusions for $76 a month as opposed to Big T’s $88.

But, if the XS isn’t enough to satisfy you, then try the XS Max 64GB for $32 a month (plus plan costs) on a 36-month plan with Telstra. That’s over $100 less than what you’d pay if you bought it outright from JB Hi-Fi.

Chuck on the Small Mobile Plan with 15GB of data and you should get to where you need to be.

If you’re thirsty for more data, try Vodafone’s $50 Red Plan with 60GB of data. It’s flogging the XS Max for $35 a month on a 36-month contract, but the generous plan’s pricing brings the total monthly cost to $85 per month.

And if you’re looking to stream all night long, Telstra’s $80 Large Mobile Plan is also worth a look. Will 100GB of data be enough to quench your cravings?

Optus and Vodafone are just stripping off handset costs, but Telstra has some kinks you’ll want to know about if you’re keen on riding the T-train.

If you decide to take Telstra up on the offer, your discount will be applied as a credit over the life of the plan at $27 per month for a 24-month plan, or $18 per month on a 36-month plan. If you back out of the plan early, the discount won’t apply to the balance remaining on the phone and you’ll be left to pay it out in full.

So tell me… Is that a new iPhone in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?

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Anula Keenan is Associate Editor at WhistleOut Australia.

Image: Apple