iOS 12 Is Out Tomorrow So Here’s A Reminder Of What’s Coming

Apple‘s next software update, iOS 12, drops tomorrow, folks, and while the company announced its features back in June, you’ve probably forgotten exactly what’s coming your way since then. Welp, we’re here to remind you, so here’s an overview of what’s new.

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Faster performance for older devices

An update to a new iOS is usually associated with devices slowing down under the pressures of heavier software, but this time around, Apple says it’s giving you faster performance on devices all the way back to the iPhone 5s.

According to the company, you’ll be able to swipe to the camera 70 per cent faster, the keyboard will show up 50 per cent faster, and apps will launch twice as fast under heavy workload.

Those running the iOS 12 beta have even confirmed superior performance already. Our very own deputy editor, James, says it’s certainly made his run better.

Grouped notifications

In iOS 12, your notifications will be grouped based on their source, so you won’t have to sift through 100 messages from a single group chat to get to everything else. You’ll be able to expand the list by simply tapping on the grouped notification.

FaceTime with an incredibly huge amount of people

Up to 32 people to be exact. If that doesn’t sound like hell to you, well, congratulations, you’ll be able to do it after updating.

New Animoji / Memoji

Four new Animoji are coming to the devices which support them, including a ghost, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaurus rex. They’ll also detect your tongue now, which is cool, I guess.

On top of these new critters, you’ll also be able to create Memoji, which are essentially custom Animoji. You’ll b able to select the skin colour, hairstyle, outfits and accessories for your little digital pal and make as many of them as you like.

Screen Time

Apple is keen to help you cut down your screen time with a new called, uh, Screen Time. The feature will help you manage your phone time right down to individual apps and even app categories. It will show you things like which apps are sending the most notifications and a weekly summary of your usage habits.

AR updates

There’s going to be a bunch of new ways to use augmented reality in iOS 12, including an incredibly handy measure app, being able to share AR objects in messages, and allowing multiple users to partake in the same AR session.


Shortcuts will give you the freedom to create your own custom Siri requests which can trigger multiple actions at once, which has the power to be pretty damn helpful.

That’s the bulk of it, folks, but you can suss out all of the features over on Apple’s website if you’re keen.