Every week I delete Instagram in a chaotic frenzy, and then a week later re-download it just in case I’m missing out on something important. Usually, I’m missing nothing except that someone I barely know or care about is launching a business. Or, I open it to twenty Reels that my friend has clearly also sent to ten other people.

But it’s a push-pull dynamic that I’m growing tired of. I wish that there was a way to notify my friends when I’m in a “kindly, fuck off” mood. I hate feeling like I’m leaving someone’s message high and dry for a week, because I’m overwhelmed by Instagram and the endless doom scrolling.

Well, now Instagram has launched a ‘Quiet mode‘. This mode acts like the ‘Do not disturb’ setting on the iPhone and won’t send you any notifications while turned on. BUT my favourite part of this new feature is that other people will know you’re in ‘quiet mode’ and if they DM you, will be sent an automated reply by Instagram.

This is a great idea, because it lets people know that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just having some me time. Maybe, I’m giving this feature too much credit — but I feel like this feature will also take some of the burden off dating.

For me, the worst part of dating is the messaging or ‘the talking stage’. Sorry, but I can’t be assed checking my phone every two seconds just to contribute another mindless response to an already insufferably long conversation.

And I know the only reason the conversation hasn’t finished is because we’re both afraid that as soon as it stops, one of us will lose interest. BUT, with quiet mode, it sends the message that “yes, I’m still interested — I’m just busy.”

Now, the only issue will be coming off ‘Quiet mode’ to actually have an online conservation. Or, maybe it will open the door to a real in-person conversation?