Instagram May Soon Allow Us To Drop GIFs As Comments, Which Feels Very 2015 Of Them


Instagram is working on enabling people to comment GIFs on people’s posts, which seems like odd timing as it’s been available on other social media platforms like Facebook since 2015. Surely, this would’ve made more sense back then?

So far the launch hasn’t been confirmed by Instagram, but it looks like the social media giant is already rolling out the feature as some people reckon they can post GIFs now.

But it looks like the feature is only available to some people, as some can’t see anything or GIFs appear as grey squares.

The revelation has caused quite the stir on Twitter, but realistically what doesn’t cause a stir on Twitter these days?

Some people have expressed excitement about using GIFs, while others reckon all the social media platforms are blending into one.

I’m definitely with the latter, as every social media platform is more or less doing the same thing now. You can watch 1 minute TikTok style videos on IG and FB, you can watch stories on IG, TikTok and FB. Even the messenger interface now looks identical on Instagram and Facebook (which makes sense considering they are both owned by Meta).

Can they invent a social media platform where you can message people, but it doesn’t have a feed or stories — so you only see the stuff you put into the search bar?? I’m sick of seeing content against my will and yes, the irony of being an online journalist isn’t lost on me.

Social media platforms will do anything to keep you scrolling, and that’s why there’s always a shiny new update to keep you disengaged from what’s physically around you.

But it seems like developers are running out of ideas, which is why they’re all just copying each other. Instagram is one of those platforms with nine lives, it always finds a way to claw back with a new update.

Year’s ago, Instagram’s freshness seemed to be wavering thanks to more shiny platforms like Snapchat. Then they introduced stories and nabbed its users back. More recently, TikTok came onto the scene, and to compete Instagram introduced Reels.

Now, to stay relevant they are introducing GIFs, which have been a staple on Twitter and Facebook for a while and is not necessarily groundbreaking.

If the only reason you want to stay on Instagram is because you can use GIFs, don’t let that deter you. Your mental health will thank you for pulling the plug.

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