Instagram Finally One-Ups Snapchat By Introducing Hands-Free Recording

Well, it looks like Instagram are finally getting the hang of this new features thing without blatantly ripping off Snapchat, introducing hands-free recording for their version of the stories function. 

After tapping to record, you could throw your phone across the room and capture the results. Gnarly. 
But wait for it, there’s more. As part of the latest update, you’ll also be able to add stickers to your clips, some of which will reflect your location, current temperature and time, much like Snapchat’s filters. Hmm, on second thought, scrap what I said about them not ripping off Snapchat. 
You’ll also be able to save your entire story to your phone in one continuous video which is fairly handy. Changes to the text function means you’ll be able to add as much as you bloody want, too. Slick little sliders also let you control the size of the text, allowing it to wrap neatly. 
Not bad Instagram, not bad at all.
Source: Instagram.
Photo: Twitter / Ralph4234