Immensely Crafty Bloke MacGyvers His Own NBN Connection Across 20km Of NSW

The bumbling rate at which the NBN is rolling out across the country sure is a sore point for anyone suffering through a second-rate ADSL 2 connection. Not only that, we’re ranked 50th in the world for our depressing speeds.

And Haywards Bay resident Daniel Saffioti feels this pain more than anyone. After suffering through abysmal speeds for way too long, the NBN finally landed out the front of his house, only they refused to connect him. 

“It runs right past my house, and it goes to the new people in the estate, and it does not go to me at all,” he told Fairfax. Baffling. 
That’s when old mate took things into his own hands by MacGyvering the living shit out of some satellite dishes to get that sweet, coveted NBN action. 
See, Daniel is the chief information officer for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, meaning he gets access to some top-notch technological wizardry. Having set up wireless bridges as a result, he thought about implementing a similar solution for his own internet woes. 
A wireless bridge uses little satellites to beam internet across a distance of around 50kms and according to Daniel, it’s not all that expensive. 
With a couple of these bad boys and a very kind pal that agreed to share his NBN connection from Kiama, he went about rigging up his own wireless bridge across roughly 20kms. 
The only problem was a hectic patch of hills that blocked a clear line of site between the two properties. Amazingly, Daniel’s kind mate has an equally kind cousin that lives on an elevated patch between the two in Oak Flats
Kind cousin was also suffering without NBN so he agreed to bounce the signal on to Daniel in exchange for a slice of the internet pie. 
Yeaahhh baby, you better believe Danny beamed the NBN across 20kms and two fucking houses. Subsequently, this has earned the title of Supreme Internet Lord (SIL). 
According to SIL, the connection has been running like a dream, getting speeds of around 70mbps down and 35 up. Overall, the project cost him about $1000. 
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, NBN.
Photo: The IT Crowd.

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