How To Make That Bill Clinton Meme If You Can’t Photoshop For Shit But Wanna Flex Yr Taste

how to bill clinton swag

Memes are running rampant in isolation, largely as a result of the fact that we can’t leave the house to go to the pub or see our friends. But if you’re not quite tech-savvy enough to make your own memes, the Bill Clinton Swag meme challenge is probably your achilles heel at this point.

According to Know Your Meme, the now-iconic picture of former President Bill Clinton dates back to a 1999 article for The Onion, entitled Clinton Writes Fan Letter To Joan Jett. More recently, it has been meme-ified as an excuse to boast about your superior taste in music on your Instagram story.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve been tagged in the Bill Clinton quarantine tunes challenge (yes, I’m popular, I swear) and it is slowly driving me insane because I am not smart enough to do this myself. Are all of my friends closeted Photoshop wizards? Probably not. Am I just a big idiot who can’t use a computer properly? Probably, but surely it can’t be *that* hard.

It turns out there’s a piss-easy generator that takes all of the leg work out of meme creation, leaving you with endless hours of free time to *checks notes* stare at the wall. No Photoshop required! Your friends aren’t Photoshop geniuses, they’re just smart enough to use the Bill Clinton Swag Generator.

To make it even easier, you don’t even have to search the internet for photos of your favourite album cover.

All you need to do is head on over to, search for your favourite albums, click “generate swag,” and Bob’s your fucking uncle, YOU’VE GOT A MEME.

Look at you go! You might as well add “Photoshop proficient” to your resume and pursue a career as a professional meme lord because you’ve done it.

Now you’ve just gotta chuck this bad boy on your Instagram story and boast about your newfound knack for photoshop and impeccable music taste to all of your mates.

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