Grimes Is Channelling Some Srs ’90s Goth Vibes In The New Apple Ad Campaign

Synth-pop muso Grimes/Claire Elise Boucher – who actually may have already legally changed her first name to lowercase ‘c’, the symbol for the speed of light – is the new face of Apple‘s MacBooks, and how they allow you/me/everybody to “make something wonderful” and “control your own vision” in new ad campaign ‘Behind the Mac’.

In the ad, the 30-year-old bae to tech overlord Elon Musk looks like a low-key Jessica Jones or just every about goth grrl from the ’90s, as she talks about her creative process while on the floor mucking around with her Mac making sickkkkk music.

She speaks about how the freedom to create in her bedroom means she can do everything herself, without the “permission” of major label backing:

I write all the music, edit all the music videos, and then I do the single art digitally.

It’s super important for me to work on the floor a lot. Not having a studio, not having a professional set-up, just being able to move my thing around – you can do way weirder things if you’re alone in a room and you’re not worried about people judging you.

She also talked about how music tech has advanced since she first starting making and releasing music back in 2010 – it’s so much easier to use and more affordable that she reckons “Anyone can do this. You have the tools. Everyone has the tools to do it.”

The clip also features as-yet-unreleased music from the artist, titled ‘thats what the drugs are for‘.

Other ads in the series feature legally blind photographer, Bruce Hall, and the entrepreneur behind African ride-hailing app, SafeMotos, Peter Kariuki, as well as a bunch of regular joes just using their Macs to watch porn or whatever it is regular people do on their laptops, to the sweet score of Daniel Johnston‘s ‘Story of an Artist‘.

The new campaign to make all 100 million of us mucking around on our Macs feel good about ourselves for being so savvy or something follows the March release of a Spike Jonze-directed ad for the HomePod speaker, featuring fellow artist, FKA twigs, groovin’ and moving objects and walls with her mind to Anderson .Paak‘s ‘Til It’s Over‘.

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