Google’s CEO Took Home A Frankly Absurd 9-Figure Pay Packet Last Year

As someone who checks their bank balance before ordering Thai delivery, I feel confident in saying that $267 million is actually quite a bit of money. Feel free to challenge me on this but I’m making that call.

That’s exactly what Google CEO Sundar Pichai scored as his pay package in 2016, according to a regulatory filing. He earned $US199.7 million (AU$267 million) – his third straight nine-figure annual pay package.

That’s basically unheard of in any industry except tech, and even then it’s almost unprecedented. The package consisted mainly of 273,328 Class C shares that vest quarterly through 2019 – so long as he stays in the gig, obviously.
Pichai has overseen Google’s transition into the artificial intelligence and cloud markets, while also overseeing huge boosts in their core ad business. The ad business – Google’s bread and butter – saw a 17.8 percent jump last year. Which could be why his compensation basically doubled.
Welp. Nothing like a massive CEO pay packet to make you feel like a CHUMP. Eat the rich.

Photo: Getty Images.

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