Timely PSA That There’s A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler Blocker For Google Chrome

It’s Game Of Thrones time again, babey! And this year everyone’s definitely getting their knickers in quite large twists over spoilers. Which I totally get – it’s the final season! No one wants their precious few episodes we are going to be gifted ruined by the bloody internet.

[jwplayer ay1qN7fn]

As someone who does the recaps for this site, I’ve seen many irate “spoilers much” comments around. But the thing is, this popular show is going to get recapped, picked apart and written about until the internet dies forever, so it’s preeeetty impossible to avoid news about the show if you’re waiting to watch the most recent episode with your s.o or whatever.

Unless, you have this neat little spoiler blocker, that is.

GameOfSpoils is a free plugin for Google Chrome that blacks out any potential Game Of Thrones spoilers on basically all the platforms that matter – Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Google News. It was a god-send for me two years back when I wasn’t recapping these eps and was instead just a viewer of the show.

Basically, it’ll just black out any posts or headlines that seem like they’re GOT spoilers, like this:

It even catches random GOT related words like “Targaryen” and “Winterfell”, so headlines that aren’t as straight-forward will get caught too.

If you’ve got it on and then WANT to read GOT shit after you watch the episode, that’s cool too. You can click on any of the blackout boxes and it’ll reveal the post behind it.

Because the night is dark and full of spoilers, right?

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