‘Far Cry 5’ Comes With A Certifiably Insane Arcade Mode & We Can’t Fkn Wait

Far Cry 5 is due out later this month, and this time around, Ubisoft are going all out on DLC. By all out, I mean they’ve lost their fucking minds in the best possible way.

Along with the base game, you’ll have access to something called Far Cry Arcade, which will include new single-player, co-op, and PVP game modes with fresh and crispy map content created by both the game’s developers, and regular old gamers like you.

That’s right, the arcade madness will come with a full map editor, including assets from Far Cry 5, as well as older Far Cry games, and even other Ubisoft franchises like Assassin’s Creed. Here, you’ll be free to create your own experiences and share them with the wider community.

“Far Cry Arcade is a game mode in which players can let their creativity run wild,” live producer, Tommy Thiboutot, said in the trailer video released today by Ubisoft. “It’s like being in an arcade – you have no idea what games you’ll find or what you’ll discover.”

Ooft, sign me the hell up. You can check out the trailer below.

The team will also run live events via Fry Cry Arcade, so it’s safe to say there’ll be plenty to do once the main campaign winds down. According to a blog post, this is how you can expect Arcade to work.

Walk up to an arcade machine in a bar, for example, and you can jump straight into Far Cry Arcade, check out the latest user-created levels (which will be curated by the developers), and start playing. You’ll visit these worlds as the same custom deputy you play in the campaign, and any experience points, perks, or money you earn while playing will cross over into the campaign when you’re done. (And no, that doesn’t mean you can just create a “level” filled with cash and make yourself rich.)

There’ll also be three different DLC campaigns to sink your teeth into with the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, all of which are just as batshit crazy as Arcade. One of them is set in space, another during the Vietnam War, and one involving a movie director and zombies.

It’s all insane, so suss out the Season Pass trailer below.

This is gonna be a helluva lot of fun, folks. I can feel it. The game will be out on March 27 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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