Facebook Messenger Just Added An Unsend Option, Which Is Mad For Drunk You

While rumours of the feature have been floating around for a while, it’s finally been confirmed, folks – Facebook Messenger will now let you unsend messages from a chat.

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To be clear, the ability to remove a message has been around for a bit, but now you can actually unsend a message so that the recipient can no longer see it at all. No more having to deal with the consequences of accidentally sending some dumb shit to unintended people. If you get to it within ten minutes, it can be deleted.

As of today, you’ll be able to tap on a message you want to remove, tap “Remove” at the bottom, and then simply select “Remove for Everyone” to banish it to Hades. If you let the message sit there for longer than ten minutes, however, you won’t be able to unsend it, but you can still remove it from your own chat if you simply can’t stand looking at it.

When a message is removed, it’ll be replaced with text which notifies recipients that something has been deleted from the chat, so your mate(s) will still know you sent something dicey, but at least you can just tell them your finger slipped or something.

If you receive a harmful message from someone and they remove it, you can still report that conversation to Facebook for investigation for a limited time.

It’s great news for your future drunk texts, folks. Embrace it.

Quick note: if it’s not working for you, you may have to update your Messenger app. It took mine around five minutes for it to kick in after doing this.

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