‘Counter-Strike’ Fans Raise Shoe To Protest Strayan Booted For Doing A Shoey

If you’ve been on Twitter lately you would’ve noticed the immense hype surronding the 2018 Counter-Strike IEM Tournament that’s been taking place this weekend.

Basically, it’s a three-day event for the men’s and women’s tournament. Fans gather to watch some of the best CS gamers in the world battle it out before their very eyes. The online game is multi-player based and set in first person. In the game, you have your Terrorists and then you have your Counter-Terrorism unit and within your teams, you use strategy and sheer virtual force to come out on top.

Unsurprisingly, it’s an extremely popular online game and has been for years now.

Sponsored by Intel, the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament consists of 16 teams from all over the world. Three of these teams qualified from the Oceania AKA us.

It’s a y’huge deal, especially for Australian esport, and the total cash prize is USD $250,000.

And despite the stereotypes that come with a gaming crowd, this is still an Aussie crowd so just like a Big Bash League 20/20 match, there were beach balls and beer snakes throughout Qudos Bank Arena. 

God bless this nation.

Anyway, so on the homepage of their website there’s this:

Um, but Straya?

Word around the block is, shoeys happened last year and the organisers weren’t frothin’ it so they banned the sacred ritual.

So of course mid-game, a fan decided to do one anyway cos Straya and they ended up copping the boot for it. A worthy sacrifice.

Naturally, a majority of fans protested this breach of Strayanism by taking off their shoe, waving it in the air, and chanting “SHOEY! SHOEY! SHOEY!”

No, really, it happened.

And then the tweets begun to flow from fans and game commentators alike:



Although, the best bit of all of this has to be the confused and disgusted fans streaming the tournament from other countries.

Well, sorry for having a culture.

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