Patron Saint Of Interior Design Bobby Berk Is Now Helping / Dragging ‘Animal Crossing’ Homes

'Animal Crossing'

Queer Eye‘s interior design extraordinaire Bobby Berk is sharing his wisdom with Animal Crossing fans in need of a little help with their homes. The patron saint of design is literally giving advice on virtual flooring and lighting. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Animal Crossing: New Horizons will save us all.

Yesterday arvo, Queer Eye tweeted that all Nook Miles+ members need only to reply to the thread to receive some advice from Bobby.

And so they did. Once again, scrolling through this thread has reminded me how much catching up I need to do. I just unlocked terraforming. The flooring in my main room is still pinewood, because I can’t figure out what kind of style I want. I am very indecisive. I’m still struggling to put together my kitchen. Help me, Bobby. HELP ME.

Anyway, to the homes!

Dude, honestly. This is just bragging.

Wholesome interaction alert.


Here’s another before and after look.

Oh, my god. 

This is so lovely.

Not to be salty, but what the hell. How do you even do this. Why do I suck so much. Good lord.

You can find a bunch of replies on the original thread above.

As for Queer Eye, Netflix renewed the wholesome series for a sixth season back in March. After two seasons in Georgia, two in Missouri, a special in Japan, and the upcoming fifth in Philadelphia, Netflix announced the sixth season will film in Austin, Texas. There’s no news yet on when season 5 will premiere, but hopefully it’ll be soon. Queer Eye is the warm hug on the rainy day we all really need right now.

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