Bethesda Announces They’re Doing A Hyper-Colourful Sequel To ‘Rage’

Well, if you were wondering what Bethesda had up their sleeves for this year, wonder no more: the studio has confirmed their next project is a sequel to the 2011 game Rage.

We’re prepped and ready to see some actual gameplay footage, but today we’ve got a Mad Max-esque teaser trailer which seems to be setting the tone for the post-apocalyptic open world shooter. It features Andrew WK, if you’re wondering what the tone will be like.

Rage 2 is being developed in partnership with Avalanche Studios, who you might know as the folks behind the Just Cause series. They also made the extremely underrated Mad Max open world game, which sort of fell off the radar despite being pretty bloody good. It also featured a post-apocalyptic wasteland which was liberally splashed with ultra-bright colours, so we know they can pull the look off.

The first Rage game was also known as the last id Software title helmed by Doom legend John Carmack. It created an interesting hybrid of driving and shooting in its open world, and there’s a lot Avalanche can build off in a sequel.

We’ll see what they’ve got lined up gameplay-wise tomorrow.

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