Here’s What Happens When Art & Technology Have A Baby In A NSW Mining Town

We’re so accustomed to the technology we use everyday that we often forget just how amazing it actually is. From the ability to carry a pocket-sized computer around with you at all times, to connecting the entire world in mere seconds, it’s hard to imagine what we’d do without these conveniences.

The convergence of art and technology has been an exciting spectacle to witness over the years, birthing all kinds of work that folks 30 or 40 years ago would have never dreamed of. Whether it’s the incredible stories being told through interactive media or wacky robotic creations, tech-influenced art has impacted all of as at some point in the modern world.

Speaking of robots, there’s one bloke who’s showcasing a classically Australian spin on them in Broken Hill, together with artists from around the world. His name is Edward Campbell and he’s the founder of artist residency program Forth Arts, which specialises in facilitating global artist collaborations.

He says spending a lot of his life in London inspired him to start the program.

“The more that I lived outside of Australia, the more I wanted to create ties between international artists and Australian artists,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

The first project they’re tackling is with a British sculptor named James Capper and an Aussie film maker who goes by the name Katski. Together, they brought Jame’s engineering-inspired robotic sculptures to life in the famous NSW mining town. Fitting, no?

Edward says technology plays a massive role outside of the aesthetics, too. Without the ability to communicate with the artists – all three of them live in different parts of the world – the project almost certainly wouldn’t be possible.

“Ten years ago that would have been a lot harder to do,” he said.

You can check out our chat with the artists and some behind the scenes footage in the video below.

If you dig what you see, you can follow Forth Arts on Instagram or their website,

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