Are These New Pokémans Enough To Pull You Back Into Pokémon GO?

Just when you thought Pokémon GO was dead and buried, the game’s developers, Niantic, announced that some new Pokémans are appearing. 

We’re getting into the new breed of pocket monsters now friends, the ones beyond the 151 classics we all know and love. Or, more commonly known as the ones no one gives a shit about. 
Right now, you can only get 2 of the new Pokémon – A spiky-headed blob wearing an eggshell named Togepi and a feral Pikachu-looking bloke named Pichu.
It’s kinda cute, I guess
Here’s the thing though, you can’t catch these little idiots like the 89 Zubats you don’t know what to do with, you have to hatch them from eggs gathered from Pokéstops. According to the 28 second announcement below, “select other Pokémon” will also be making an appearance. 
This may not come as a surprise, either, considering players actually found the code for the entirety of the second generation of Pokémon in the game, making the total number of little critters 251.  
And if you’re still furiously swiping Pokéballs out of your phone, you’ve probably noticed that Pikachu is wearing an adorable Santa hat, which he will continue to do until the 29th of December. 
Photo: Niantic.

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