Apple Is Being Strong-Armed Into Changing To USB-C Phone Chargers In Europe & Give It To Me RN

apple iphone usb-c charger europe

Apple is finally being forced to change the charger for iPhones sold in Europe to stick to new rules on single charging ports for most electronics by 2024.

Per Reuters, the tech giant has to comply with the reform which was passed by a majority in the European Parliament on Tuesday. It makes USB-C ports (like the ones on all Android devices) the standard for devices like phones across all 27 countries in the European Union by 2024, ensuring all can be charged by one universal style of cable.

The new rules will also extend to laptops by 2026 — though many manufacturers already use USB-C ports and cables.

Bloomberg reported in May that Apple was already exploring and testing future iPhone models which would change the Lightning port to a USB-C one instead. It’s possible the company was gearing up for its second charger port change in its long history ahead of the EU’s landmark decision.

Europe’s hard stance is an effort to try and cut down on the amount of electronic waste that’s produced by people needing multiple chargers for multiple devices.

It’s reported this move may also cause the EU to become more of a leader in setting standards on global technologies. I’m crossing my fingers that this new charging system for Apple gets rolled out worldwide.

Can you even imagine how good it’d be to not have to awkwardly ask someone if they specifically have an iPhone charger when you’re low on juice and in a pinch? Game-changing stuff, really.

Though the reform means all devices and phones sold after autumn 2024 (spring for us in the Southern Hemisphere) will need to have USB-C charging capabilities, people can still continue to use older models.

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