Apple Might Be Releasing A New MacBook Air For Less Than $1,000 This Year

According to the same bloke who correctly predicted the iPhone X and most of its features, Apple‘s next play is going to be releasing a new, but cheaper MacBook Air this year.

Ming-Chi Kuo‘s latest investor report, which was obtained by 9to5Mac, says the company is planning on releasing a budget version of the popular laptop in the second quarter of this year, so before July. While details on its processing power are scarce, another industry analyst reckons the price could be as low as $US699 ($900 AUD).

At the moment, the cheapest MacBook – the 13-inch MacBook Air – is going for $1,499 at Apple stores. A regular MacBook will set you back a little more, clocking in at $1,899.

“We believe a lower priced MacBook Air will be introduced over the coming months as Apple’s looking to capture demand with a more digestible price,” GBH Insights analyst, Daniel Ives told The Sun.

“We believe $US799 ($1,226 AUD) and possible $US699 ($900 AUD) will be the prices for this next version.” 

If accurate, this means the new slimline Apple laptop could go for less than a new iPhone 8. The KGI Securities report also reckons the company will be looking to refresh its AirPods and that the HomePod has, uh, had only “mediocre” demand.

Assuming they don’t hit its capabilities too hard, it looks like plenty of people will be getting on board with the lower entry price.

But on the other hand, some are wondering why Apple is clinging onto a product they thought was dead.

Welp, it’s good news if you’re in the market for a new laptop, I guess.

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