Airbnb Rental Absolutely Destroyed By Baboons After Bloke Leaves Door Open

Letting strangers stay in your place via Airbnb is a good way to make some extra cash with relatively little physical effort. The tradeoff, however, is the anxiety that comes with the possibility of a trashed home. 

I’m not speaking from experience, I’ve only ever used the service as a guest, but I’ve seen enough stories of the destruction caused by drug-fuelled gangbangs to surmise that a certain level of stress comes with handing your house over to someone from the internet. 
But here’s one you probably haven’t seen yet – an Airbnb absolutely pillaged by baboons. 
Tanzanian man Neil Cave made the very poor decision to leave his patio door open in order to air out his Airbnb rental, allowing some opportunistic chacma baboons to absolutely savage the place. Look at them go.   
Hell yeah, they do not give a fuck. According to the Facebook comments, Neil had to call the cops to get them out. 

“Seven of them had an hour long party. House is full of baboon shit and trash. Amazingly only one coffee cup broken,” he said. The cost of the damage clocked in at 850 South African rands ($88.36 AUD), but it’s not clear if this included the cost of the poop cleanup. 
Baboon encounters like this are pretty common in South Africa. They’ll happily steal groceries, raid cars and steal toys too. They even got into Neil’s son’s bubble soap the next day. 
“Today my son left his bubble soap outside,” Cave said. “The baboons drank it. Now they’re on the roof burping bubbles… classic.”

Classic indeed. Enjoy some more baboon madness in the classic video below.

Source: Motherboard.
Photo: Facebook / Neil Cave. 

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