5 Tips On How To Become A Pro Gamer, By Someone Who’s Done It

PEDESTRIAN.TV and Telstra have teamed up to thrust you headfirst into the world of competitive gaming. While you’ll obviously need a strong as heck internet connection to get started, there are some other things to keep in mind if you’re planning on going pro. Read on, pals. 

The eSports scene has been around for a little while now, more so internationally than locally, but that’s starting to change very quickly. 

South Korea has been a major hub for such events since the original Starcraft, packing out stadiums with eager fans that treat pro players like rockstars. It’s pretty wild stuff. 
And while the young sport has always been bubbling away under the surface of the Aussie gaming scene, it’s now bursting the hell out in a big way. 
Intel recently held their Extreme Masters event in Sydney‘s Olympic Park, hosting around 10,000 fans who all rocked up to watch elite teams battle it out in the first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
And the players? They can earn some pretty good cash. Maybe they’re lucky enough to be on a salary, but can also earn millions in prize money if they’re good enough. Not to mention the mountains of cash they can rake in from personal sponsorships and streaming partnerships. 
Yep, there’s much money to be made, folks. But how can you get involved? 
For starters, you gotta be good, but you also have to enjoy playing, otherwise, there’s just no point. But I’m far from a pro gamer, so we got Aaron ‘ChuChuz’ Brand of Legacy eSports to give us his top 5 tips on making it big in the gaming world. 
If you’re keen to go pro, suss the video below.
And our hot tip? You absolutely need to have a strong and reliable internet connection. You’ll never be able to lay waste to noobs with a high ping, so make that a high priority.
Photo: Eathletelabs.com.

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