10-Year-Old Kid Successfully Unlocks His Mum’s iPhone X With His Tiny Face

Folks are still coming to terms with the iPhone X‘s new facial recognition feature, FaceID. Some are into the idea, some are suss on it, and others are actively trying to break it, like this Silence of the Lambs-esque monstrosity built by a Vietnamese cybersecurity company.

While it was originally thought only identical twins and weirdly engineered masks were capable of tricking the smartphone into unlocking, it appears the children of iPhone X owners are also duping the device.

In a YouTube video posted by Attaullah Malik, she explains that her new phone was registered to unlock with her face, but her 10-year-old son is also able to gain access with his own face, which, to be fair, is pretty similar to his mother’s.

Wired also reported that the young fella was able to unlock the device the first time he picked it up and could also do the same with his father’s, but only once. You can watch the video for yourself below, in which I’m pleased to report there is exactly one (1) dab.

The first time mum registered her face, it was allegedly in dim lighting. After recalibrating the phone in lighter conditions, her son was unable to unlock the phone, but after registering her face for a third time in dimmer conditions to recreate her first registration, he could unlock it once again.

Apple does say the “undeveloped facial features” of folks under the age of 13 could cause some issues with FaceID, but they still maintain the new system is more secure than the previous TouchID.

Whether the company will address the issues with a fix of some sort is still uncertain at this stage. In the meantime, you can bet your bottom dollar that this bloke is absolutely loving it.

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