Zara Sydney Will Open April 20

Zara has finally released the date for its Westfield Sydney opening, set to happen on the 20th of April. Later savings account, nice knowing you bro. Spanning 1,400 meters and providing mid-price high-end street wear for women, men and children, it’s reasonable to assume that once inside we may never leave. Ever. The first drop of stock will be an AW collection specially developed for the Southern Hemisphere, with new product arriving twice a week.

Even if you’re nonplussed about the opening of the Spanish retail giant (is there something wrong with you?), rest assured it will mean good things for you as a consumer. The Australian retail market will have to boost its competition, lower its prices or, you know, become more relevant if they’re to keep up. In short, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck at pretty much everywhere you shop.

The Westfield Sydney store will be the first outlet of Zara to open in Australia however a Melbourne store is on the cards, with a launch date to be announced in the coming days.

Words By Ingrid Kesa
Image by: Cameron Spencer via Getty