An Expert Explains Why Your Jeans Age Like Fine Wine & Fit Even Better The More You Wear Them


Have you ever wondered why quality jeans get better with age? How, instead of wearing and tearing, they become an even dreamier fit than the day you bought them? Well, we had a yarn with an expert about exactly that, and if we’re going to talk about jeans then where else would we go, but Levi’s?

Levi’s is as good as it gets when it comes to denim – they did invent the first-ever riveted blue jeans in 1873, so you know they know their stuff. And in the decades since, Levi’s has been perfecting its fits, fabrics and styles, but continuing to stay true to its high quality and durable origins.

But why do quality jeans seem to get better with age? Well, according to Jill Guenza, the VP of Women’s Design at Levi’s, it’s got to do with the unique characteristics of denim fabric.

“The weight and weave of denim fabric has a molding effect, conforming to the particular contours of your body,” Guenza said.

This isn’t the case for all jeans but it is for Levi’s, where the design team focuses on making their clothes as durable as ever. The label’s WellThread collection – its most sustainable offering to date – uses production techniques and materials that provide longevity, while using fewer of our precious natural resources.

It’s about trying to be as sustainable as possible, while keeping one eye on ways to improve. Take Levi’s Cottonised Hemp for example, which uses less water and leaves behind cleaner, healthier soil. It’s still soft like regular cotton, it’s just the better choice, you know?

Another reason why good jeans get better with age has to do with how you take care of them. And if you ask Guenza, that means washing your jeans less. That, and avoiding the dryer at all costs. Dryers are the natural enemy of jeans – Guenza’s words, not mine.

I mean, I think we all know the feeling of pulling on stiff jeans, fresh from the wash, and then doing a couple of lunges in them so the denim molds to your body again. It’s a tale as old as time. So washing your jeans less frequently can really help maintain the fabric and colour of your jeans.

Obviously, Guenza isn’t saying never wash your jeans – especially if there’s a big ol’ mustard stain on them.

“If your jeans do get dirty, spot clean by using a damp cloth or old toothbrush with mild soap to remove small stains instead of washing them. When you do need to ultimately wash them, turn your jeans inside out and wash on the cold cycle.”

Guenza said doing this will protect the denim from fading and shrinking.

As for drying your jeans, it’s all about giving them a good ol’ line dry, baby! Remember: dryers are a big no-no. Hanging your jeans on the line will preserve the fit and help you avoid shrinkage or fabric warping.

Hot tip: keep your jeans inside out in a shady place so it prevents fading and avoids soggy pockets.

These are just a few tips to help make your jeans last for years to come. Obviously, wearing what you already own is the best way to cut down on textile waste, but if you do need a new pair – ones that were already made to last from the get go – then there’s plenty to pick from at Levi’s.