Where To Drop Your Student Card To Save As Much Precious Coin As Poss

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You know when you buy something full price only to to find it’s been discounted the next day? Pretty rough feeling isn’t it, finding out your money went into the abyss unnecessarily?

If you’ve made a purchase recently without whipping out your dearly beloved student ID card, this article might reignite that sadness. For that I apologise, however, now you know for next time where you can save your precious moolah. 

From indulgent buys to everyday necessities, below are places where you can milk your student status for all it’s worth. Enjoy, studious barrel-scrapers.


If you’ve bought something from the likes of Sephora, General Pants, Cotton On, The Iconic, Surfstitch or like, just anywhere with a cart / register, chances are you spent more than you should’ve. Thank me in advance for directing you to a place called UniDays – once students sign up there’s plenty of discounts on offer that are usually around the 20% off mark. 

But hey if you’re like me and only shop in one place (and can’t be bothered signing up to something), Asos gives 10% off for students AND a free tote bag (because we all need another one of those *rolls eyes*) and Topshop do 25% off for students all year ’round.


Microsoft offer 10% off for students across the range. If Apple‘s more your jam, they will give you a $100 credit when you buy a Mac, or $70 credit when you buy an iPad. When it comes to phone plans, Optus have 10% off monthly plan fees + other perks in their Student Hub, while Telstra have $40/month plans through UniDays.


The cinema knows that you’re not simply an adult or a child: you get your own special student category here and with it comes a discount. It’s not as if every night’s cheap Tuesday, though, with some cinemas only giving a $2 discount (we’re looking at you, Ritz cinemas) or $4.50 (yes you, Dendy), but hey, every bit counts, right? RIGHT?


It’s always worth checking out venues in and around your uni because chances are they have some kind of uni-person special. They live for it. Alternatively, check StudentEdge regularly for deals (like free drinks at Macca‘s). It’s worth signing up to for all the other offers they’ve got, similarly to UniDays, and it’s 100% free signup for students.


You know when you rock up to a ticketed venue and you scroll through the prices waiting for a hellish burn that will disintegrate right through your wallet? Well, it’s not as sucky when student prices are commonly found on that list. Think zoos (you’ll get about $10 off at Taronga, for example), pools, galleries, exhibits and more. Just always have that student ID card on you in case, yeah?

Also, if you’re looking for discounted student events get amongst Student VIP. It’s the biggest student event directory in Oz.


Oh good, now we can bin one of the 87 excuses we have to put off exercise.

A bunch of Crossfit studios offer student discounts – makes sense when those enigmas are all about those ~community~ vibes – so it’s definitely worth a look into considering the activity’s current price tag. Having a geez around, the going rate seems to be about 10-15% off for full-time students. If they don’t have the discount, bring up that one nearby does. They’ll quite literally bend over backward to have you pump thrusters with them instead.

Fitness First has 20% off through UniDays, and the closer your desired gym is to a campus, the higher your chances will be of getting a student discount. For example, Anytime Fitness offers student discounts in Bathurst (CSU), Glebe (UTS, University of Sydney) and more.


Whether it’s getting to and from campus, an internship or the job that makes ends meet, luckily the transport systems around Aus have our backs. Every state or territory has some kind of discount available for trains, buses, light rail, ferries etc if you have the appropriate student concession card needed. Depending on your location and time of travel, you’re looking at anywhere from a 25-75% discount, which ain’t half-bad.

Some cards aren’t recognised in other states and countries though, so it’s worth looking into an ISIC card – the only globally recognised student ID and discount card. It’ll come in handy during those getaways between semesters, let me tell you, but it’s worth it for the extra discounts alone. Also, if travelling further than a 10km radius is your vibe, STA Travel is your BFF.

Well would you look at that, being a student isn’t so bad. Other than the obvious perks of delaying the responsibilities of full-blown adult life and wearing a toga every opp you get: you get discounts here there and everywhere like Old McDonald‘s farm animals. 

Now that you’ve found some ways around the financial burden of university, save on supplies with Officeworks here who will beat any cheaper prices by 5%.

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