What’s Next For SSM Now The Plebiscite Is Blocked, Dead, Buried?

Now that the Labor Party has moved to block the same-sex marriage plebiscite, we’re left wondering: what’s next in the good fight? 
The death of the public vote (RIP in peace) is just the first step in getting legit marriage equality, so where to from here?
The issue of the plebiscite will still face a vote in parliament, but with the Labor Party, Greens, Derryn Hinch, and the Nick Xenophon Team opposing the public vote, it won’t pass through the Senate. 
Even though this means the issue is pretty much put to bed for the rest of the government term (that is, until 2020), it gives Bill Shorten some spicy ammunition to nab Malcolm Turnbull for rolling over for the far-right conservative jerks in the Liberal Party
Between this and the backflip on the greyhound racing ban, it’s really just not a good day to be in the Liberal Party, is it.
It’s clear that the now-scrapped plebiscite would have been incredibly damaging to the entire LGBTQIA community in Australia, with most of the community declaring that they’d rather wait for a change in leadership than put their human rights to the public.
The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSW GLRL) have celebrated this small victory in the larger war for equality by calling Labor’s move a “win for common sense and community welfare”
Ah yes, common sense – that little thing that seems to have been lacking in this whole plebiscite nonsense.
Hooray for common sense!

NSW GLRL are determined to continue fighting the good fight, with attention now being switched to “having meaningful conversations with MPs from all parties in order to achieve marriage equality as soon as possible.” Too bloody right.
Working their arses off for equal rights are the champs over at GetUp. After the announcement of the plebiscite block, Marriage Equality Director, Sally Rugg, called upon the legions of GetUp members to start hounding Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull for a free vote to be chalked up ASAP.
“A free vote on marriage equality is possible, but only if every person in favour of marriage equality keeps pushing for it. Now that the plebiscite is dead, it’s crucial we keep up the momentum for reform.”
Australian Marriage Equality and Equality 4 All have taken the opportunity to remind us that the draft amendments to the Marriage Act that George Brandis presented in the god damn dead of night las night are not to be taken lightly. 
The advocacy team assure that even though the proposed legislation to amend the act definitely doesn’t put LGBTQIA people in the best position, it’s the first time an Aussie government has even tried to change it with legislation.
“We will continue to advocate that any proposed legislation designed to achieving marriage equality are in the best interest of the LGBTI community,”
Even though it’s unlikely the government will do literally anything about creating a free vote in parliament, it’s good to see we’re on the right track. 
Bring on the free vote.

Source: ABC.
Image: AFP.