We’re Hosting A Floristry Workshop So You Can DIY Your Own Blooms Forever

There’s nothing quite like having a bunch of flowers (or multiple bunches, let’s face it) filling your place, is there. They’re also the go-to for every bday gift, ever – and apologies, thank you’s, congratses… basically, knowing how to build a beaut bunch is a handy – and fun – skill to have.

Well, we’re giving you the chance to learn just that – how to make an actually cool bunch of flowers, so you can design personalised and super chic blooms for all your mates (and yourself, let’s be honest).

If you win our comp, you’ll score spots for yourself and a mate in a v v exclusive and v v good-times-only workshop run by Mishka vodka, where you can sip on their cocktails while getting all creative with petals. Pretty sweet deal, no?

So who’s gonna teach you how to make a bunch of greenery look epic as hell? None other than floristry superstar Holly Hipwell of The Flower Drum.

Holly’s doing floristry the 2017 way – she does everything from perfectly modern bridal bouquets..

To full-on, creative-genius-level installations. Check this out, jeez:

Holly’s self-taught and follows a ‘no rules’ style – which she’s chronicled since the beginning of her career on her blog. She’s the perfect gal to learn from for when you want to create unique blooms that reflect your own personal style – there’s literally nothing generic about what Holly does.

If you’ve always wanted to get some hot skills when it comes to styling up flowers and greenery, you need to join us. Hit up the comp below to enter, and start thinking about which mate’ll get to benefit from the floristry skills if you win. We’re thinking it’ll be a biiiit of a fight for the coveted spot.

Just answer this simple q in 25 words or less – what sweeet skill would you like to master with Mishka Vodka? – via this link or the box below.