If you’re an LGBTQ+ identifying woman who’s getting hitched (hopefully legally soon, if Oz gets this much-needed ‘Yes’ vote) and just aren’t feeling the wedding mags and sites in Australia that showcase predominantly heterosexual couples – there’s finally something that’s Aussie and made that’s just for you.

Just a friendly reminder that you are loved, that you matter and that you perfect regardless of your sexual orientation or gender expression. ❤ I've been feeling a little down over the last week. The whole marriage equality debate in Australia is effecting me more than I thought it would. If you feel the same, please reach out to someone you trust or give Lifeline a call on 131114. If you need a space to remind you that all love is beautiful you're welcome to hang out with us on social media or spend some time reading the love stories over at dancingwithher.com ❤❤ All my love to everyone effected by this bad situation – I promise, things will get better ???? -Tara This beautiful celebration of love is captured by the ever talented @keisyandrocky

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Dancing With Her is an Australian owned and made website that celebrates LGBTQ+ women in love. It all started when Gold Coast based couple Tara Baker and and her now-wife Arlia got engaged last year.

When they started looking for wedding inspiration, they found what they coin a ‘largely hetero-normative industry’ – so they created an online resource of their own for LGBTQ+ female couples like themselves.

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One thing they’re really passionate about is guiding couples who are looking for vendors that support marriage equality toward the right places.

“We would see a post on social media that identified that the vendor was supportive of marriage equality, but, when the time came to enquire we would find forms that stated bride and groom,” explains Tara.

Their site – and the newly launched print magazine – also celebrates female couples who have chosen to marry, regardless of the current Aussie law situation.

“Whilst these marriages might not be legally recognised, they are commitments made between two people that mean more than a signed piece of paper,” states Tara.

The site is chic and full of excellent ideas, so it’s well worth checking out the full site here, and pre-order the print magazine here.

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