WATCH: Welp, This Is The Weirdest Road Rage Clip Australia’s Ever Produced

Approximately 95% of all content that comes out of Australia is now shaky mobile phone footage of road rage incidents. This is a very real statistic, and it is absolutely harrowing. Whereas Australia once had a thriving film industry, now it’s just video of blokes in stubbies punching on on the media strip of a highway. Sad!

Here’s today’s entry. This video – which has clocked up one and a half million views on its original post – shows Victorian bloke Jake Mandas copping an absolute earbashing from a woman who says he cut her off. At least, she could be saying that. She could be saying any number of things, really:

“I didn’t even cut this person off,” Jake writes. “And look at this ancient language I was spoken to in.”
We’ll take Jake’s claim that he didn’t cut her off as a comment, but it is clear that he is definitely being spoken to in an ancient and forbidden tongue, spoken on Earth long before man stood on his own two feet and raised his shoulders above the long grass. It is known.
Source: Facebook.