WATCH: Tiny Trump Doing Teeny Tiny President Things Just Feels *Right*

The phrase “small man” is thrown around quite a lot as a way of accusing someone of being a shit, sneaky person. Typically, it does not mean in a literal sense that the person in question is short, tiny, or small statured in any way.

Perhaps the world’s smallest man, Donald Trump, doesn’t have the physical stature to suggest as such. Thankfully, we have the internet to change that up for us. 
A sweet lil’ YouTube video has been made by the good folks at Evil Ice Cream Pictures of Trump in his true tiny form. The clip shows the President of the United States going through the motions of his day to day – sitting at his desk, signing some paperwork (probs approving a motion to bring on the impending apocalypse ASAP), feeling intimidated by Barack Obama at their first meeting, giving a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, being sworn in as President, and doing interviews – but in all these actions, he is so teeny. 

Particular props go to the Trudeau skit, where Trump needs to stand on a pile of books to reach the height of his way more attractive/extremely better Canadian counterpart, and also when he hangs out with kids who are way bigger than him.
It makes for an indescribably hilarious viewing experience. Have a gander:
Source / Photo: YouTube / Evil Ice Cream Pictures.